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Overview of Sency Features

Real Time Search - The Sency homepage allows you to search for what is happening right now. Simply enter any term, and you can see what is being said this instant on the real time web.

Today's Popular Links - After you do a search at Sency, you will see the Today's most popular links tab at the top right hand side of the page. This tab will show you the most popular links for the respective keyword that you searched for. This video guide shows how you can use Sency to find today's most popular links on the real time web.

Content Feed - Websites that want to place real time results on their pages can do so through our feed for websites. The feed allows any website to display automatically updating real time information for any subject matter.

Links Feed - Websites that want to place today's most popular links on their pages can do so through our links feed. Websites can choose the keyword and then display in automated fashion today's most popular links on the real time web.

The Top 100 - The Top 100 shows you the 100 most shared topics over the past few days. This page publishes these 100 real time terms to show you what has been going on lately.

Homepage Trends - The Sency homepage shows you the hot topics of this given moment under the What's going on now tab. You can also see the most popular topics of the past day under the What's going on lately tab. Lastly, under the what's going on boxes, you can see today's most popular link topics.

Sency for Cities - See what's being said & which places are popular inside of 32 major cities. Sency for cities gives you an inside window into a city via seeing people's comments and also seeing which places people are going to right now.

All results from a user - When you do a search at Sency, you will see @username links under each result. These links will take you to a respective users page whereby you can see more updates posted by this particular user.

The past 10 links shared by a respective user - At the bottom of a user page, you will see a link that will show you the past 10 links shared by the respective user.

Mentions - When you visit Today's Most Popular links for a search term - to the left - you can see how many times the link was shared. You can click on this gray mentions box to see some of the users whom have posted this link on the real time web.

Search Tips - Our search tips help you to learn more about the types of searches you can execute on our site. These tips will enable you to get more out of the real time web.

Real Time Search In Other Languages - We have launched a real time search engine in Spanish, Italian, German, and French. These pages will help internet users to see what is happening right now in a variety of different languages.

Reactions - Via clicking the react button under a result, Sency enables any user to easily react. On the recent reactions page, the latest reactions continue to get updated, with the most recent reaction being listed at the top.

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